Pat is a thought leader in change management strategies. When an organization isn’t optimally functioning she quickly and deeply understands the root causes. She comes to the table with suggestions that are laser sharp, practical and strategic.
— John M, Strategic Change Leader, talent management and employee engagement, Princeton University

Free Discovery Call

Schedule your Free Discovery Call below to get clarity on your needs and suggestions for moving forward. During this call I can help you:

  • Understand what is preventing you from feeling more job satisfaction.

  • Learn to deal with a difficult boss or colleague.

  • Consider a career or job change.

Leadership Coaching

If you are a leader who needs advising, coaching or if you have a team member who needs development here are the services I can offer you:

  • Career goal setting for growth

  • Coaching to support transitions and promotions

  • Coaching for improved relationship management

  • Coaching for personal brand development

Personal Coaching

If you are thinking of changing jobs or just want to be happier at the job you have, personal coaching can help you. Here is where we start:

  • What is your goal? How to find out.

  • How to design a fulfilling career path

  • How to be happier at work, or find the courage to leave.


If you are in a leadership position or if you are a new leader who is in transition, you may want to analyze or elevate your team structure and performance. Here are some ways I can help you stay focused and lead a successful change.

  • Vision and strategy development

  • Team analysis

  • Talent assessment

  • Define organizational health and maturity

  • Transition planning

  • Change management planning

While working with Pat, one of her greatest strengths was her ability to keep pulling me out of the weeds, ‘Let’s look at the big picture’ she would say. Pat certainly thinks big and bold and encourages her clients to do the same. Her work is highly individualized and although she is quite familiar with best practices, she quickly absorbs her clients’ particular work culture and environment and tailors her work to represent the best practices for each client’s particular reality. On top of all this, Pat is kind and friendly and a pleasure to spend time with. I recommend her without hesitation.
— Zoe R Visionary, Sought After Thought Leader, Student Mental Health, New York University