Are You a Leader by Choice or a Leader by Chance? Here's Why it Matters:


We are living in extraordinary times. Never before has it been so important for us to understand ourselves and what drives us as leaders. We all need to lead a more intentional life. If we are in leadership positions we need to help others do that as well. It's challenging but truly essential to transform the collective leadership culture. It is time to reclaim leadership integrity and pride. Period End.

I always ask my clients how their career trajectory came about. I am interested in hearing about the clients intention as it relates to their career path. I want to hear about their choices and what informed those choices. All this helps me start to understand their decision to hire a coach. I am energized by the stories, the twists and turns, the element of 'luck' ( their word, not mine) and how satisfying the experiences have been. Or not ... And why. One of my clients described me as part archeologist, Hmmm.

Many clients initially choose a job related to their degrees, certificates or not so subtle family expectations. A common story is when a client switches course because they were interrupted by real life. I have a client who recently made a major career decision through the coaching process. She was prompted to explore her options because she recently had her second child. This major change in her personal life encouraged her to reflect on how she truly wanted her career path to develop. Up until the birth of the second child she had been content to fill whatever need her company had. She is a high performer, has resiliency and reputational credibility. While there is no right or wrong in this ‘by chance‘ approach, I then find myself wondering how I could have helped her avoid regrets and missed opportunities. She has some self imposed suffering as a consequence of her choices. Coaching can ease the way to better choices. My client also discovered, through the coaching process that her job satisfaction was 'just good enough'. Be clear everyone, 'Just good enough' is not acceptable to reach our full potential. Period End.

Are you clear on who you can become? Once my client and I discovered her core issue, A Career by Chance, that was ‘Just good enough.’ I knew how to design her coaching engagement. My intention as your coach is to help you develop a career that is satisfying, deliberate and resilient. Our overarching goal is always for you to reach your full potential. It takes planning and focus. If we are working together I can help you embed some habits and behaviors that align your values with your choices. You and I can assess how to align your leadership style with the organizational culture, without sacrificing your personal integrity. This is where the difference between choice and chance becomes apparent.

A few years ago I worked with a client who had an intentional Career by Choice plan. He was tested, along with his plan and goals, when he got a new boss. This organizational change required him to reassess his level of satisfaction, his values and ultimately his overall plan. His clear intention about who he wanted to become helped him adjust and release misconceptions about how to reach his goal. The coaching process helped him build resiliency, develop stronger communication skills and repair broken relationships that were essential to his growth. He moved away from ‘just good enough‘ to a new organization and a new role. Yes, it was hard, but required for him to grow. Period End.

So ask yourself: Am I a Leader by Choice or a Leader by Chance? Are you settling for 'Just good enough'? Once you answer that question or need help doing so, how willing are you to be more intentional about your leadership style? If you would like to explore how coaching can help you, Sign up for your Free 30-Minute Discovery Call.

Period End.

My clients will tell you that I frequently use the phrase ‘Period End’ to reinforce a coaching point. In fact, my Period End points are just Truths. We all have conditioning, misconceptions and mental blocks to moving forward. Hearing a clear truth can help. Each month I will give you a ‘Period End’ relating to the monthly topic.

This month: Be intentional about your leadership path. It elevates everyone. Period End

Books and Music:

It is my belief that music and books feed the spirit. I frequently send music recommendations to clients to lighten their spirit and get them moving energetically (dancing, exercise etc.) I also bring a book to a client meeting at the beginning of each consulting contract. I try to choose a book that will support the theme of the work we will do. In that spirit for this month I recommend:

Music: The Kennedy Center Honors are always a guaranteed option for Enjoyable musical performances. The honorees are legends and their songs are classics. The singers chosen to sing those classics truly own their renditions. It would be hard to choose just one. All Very inspiring!

Check it out:

Book: Dare to Lead, Brene Brown. Brene keeps pushing all of us to be the best version of ourselves. The release of this book is so supportive in this time of transformation and our need for authentic leadership. Check her out:

Next Month: We explore the question - Where does your spirit want to work?

Thank you as always.

Big Hugs,